Angler Knives believes it is essential to be able to maintain a sharp edge in the field. With this principle in mind, Angler Knives has worked to bring our own field stones to the market. After years of testing various types of stones, we believe we have found the perfect blend of capability and practicality when it comes to sharpening stones for everyday users. There is nothing available that fit our preferred size and shape that could be used to sharpen a wide variety of blade shapes. This brought us to developing our own custom stones in our preferred blends.

Ultimately, we came up with two sizes, the Angler Field Stone and the Anchovy Stone. The field stone excels at sharpening any every day carry sized blade no matter what the blade shape is because it has both a flat surface and curved surface. The Anchovy stone was designed for the Angler Knives Anchovy knife and is the perfect pairing to maintain the edge on an Anchovy anywhere, anytime. However, due to its different surfaces it can still be used effectively to sharpen larger blades up to 2.5 inches.