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Use And Care

Keep your knife dry and clean at all times!
Hand-wash with soapy warm water. There are no abrasive sponges.
Never, ever, ever put your knife in the dishwasher or immerse it in water.
Using an absorbent towel, completely dry your knife. We've found that paper towels work well.
We suggest placing your knives on a magnetic wooden strip, keeping them safe in a saya, or in your knife roll or wrap.

Knife Care and Maintenance

Keep the blades dry and wipe fingerprints and moisture off, after use, with a soft all-cotton cloth or chamois. This is particularly important with blades of high carbon steel. Tarnishing is a normal property of carbon steel and cannot be avoided. Applying a couple of drops of any quality oil or silicon treatment to the blade with a soft all-cotton cloth will provide excellent protection. A good wax is also excellent protection. Check your knives often for possible trouble spots. If any stains appear, try removing the stain with a standard metal cleaner or polish. Blades of most stainless steels used in knives are not rustproof but are rust or stain resistance. So therefore stainless steel blades should still be kept clean and wiped dry after use, especially many of the new high carbon stainless steels like CPM-154